Weekly Update #5

I had a random thought the other night. It dawned on me that this season, I believe, is my 20th season of short track speed skating. Pretty ridiculous when I think of it. But time flies when you’re having fun, and I must be having a bit of fun to be doing it this long.

Canadian championships in 2003 with Dustin Miller in red and Dave Laurie in the green/black. Still friends with both of these guys.

Its doubtful I’ll last another 20 years as a skater, but things are going well for now! Another week is in the bag and it was a solid one. One of the hardest things about technique in speed skating is being able to repeat it time after time, lap after lap, at speed and while fatigued. When I attended the Olympic Excellence Series in May, Kristina Groves used most of that to describe what she sees as performance on demand. And that is exactly what we worked on this week. I’m pretty happy with the number of quality laps at high speed I have in the bank already. A lot more than last year anyways.



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