Weekly Update #7

Not too much to report this week. Fairly routine week as short track goes. The highlight of the week was probably Friday. We were lucky to be able to do a little test of two new events that the ISU Short Track technical committee is hoping to have in Short Track sometime in the future.

The first event we tested is called the Madison. Named after the Madison event in  track cycling, this event is also run in inline speed skating. It is a two person relay contested over 30 laps. There are sprints with at laps 24, 18, 12, 6 and 1 lap to go. Points are awarded for the sprints (5,3,2,1 and double for the final sprint). There are six teams and teams may exchange at any point in the race except on the sprint laps and as many times as they like. This made for lots of different strategies. Personally, I was on a team with Max Gauthier and we decided I would contest the sprints. I was useless on the first two and only managed to garner 1 point after two sprints. We did manage to improve though, even winning the last sprint worth double and finishing 2nd.

The second event is called the Miss and Out. It’s a 3000m race contested between 10 skaters. It’s a fairly simple event. The last skater to cross the line with 21,18,15,12,9,6 and 3 laps to go is eliminated. At three laps to go, 3 skaters are left and they duke it out for the win. Despite a couple close calls, I managed to stick around until the last elimination at 3 to go, good enough for 4th.

Overall, I think it was fun to try these events out. Personally, I think it’s important to try new things and continue to evolve our sport in order to encourage growth and excitement for fans. I hope to see one or both of these events at World Cups/World Champs/Olympics soon!


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