Weekly Update #8

The Olympics! We had a pretty big week this past week. Lots and lots of volume and laps. Which was awesome. I’ve always been an endurance type of athlete and I loved big volume weeks when the intensity levels are a bit lower and I can put a real focus on my technique. Despite the high amount of laps, I was riding a high going into the end of the week. Friday was the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics. Obviously, being in an Olympic sport, and since I have had the Olympics on my brain since I was a kid, I get pretty pumped for any Games, winter or summer. I’ve been glued to the T.V all weekend watching non stop coverage and reading every story that I could. I sometimes think I should get into broadcasting since I spend so much time digesting Olympic and amateur sport related materials. There is nothing like watching an amazing race or effort by someone, even more so if they are Canadian, and then being completely inspired and energized to go and do your own training. On Friday, I watched CTV’s Olympic preview show. They played the video I’ve posted below. I definitely biked to training overly excited to train.



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