Weekly Update #11

The Perfect Storm

As I mentioned in my extremely abbreviated post last week, I was sick. Sunday morning I woke up feeling like I had a regular cold coming on. No biggie, it happens. I still headed to practice, figuring that I’d keep the intensity low and then head back for some rest right after. Mistake. I ended up getting mixed up in a fairly benign crash, but ended up in the mats head first. Instead of heading home to rest an aching body, I ended up with an aching body, a whiplashed neck and some signs of concussion. Not good at all. But on the positive side, if I am going to get injured, might as well be sick at the same time and get it all out of the way in one shot.

Not so fast. Three days off, a bunch of physio for my neck and I figured that my cold would be on the way out. Nope. Friday it was raging again. And why not one more thing. Out of the blue, I started having pain down the side of my legs as well, caused by some extremely tight muscles in my hips and lower back! By this point I figured my body was in full revolt and the next thing was spontaneous combustion. Sounds ridiculous, but to be honest, I’m pretty amazed I could have all this in one week.

I finally got the majority of a practice in yesterday. We’ll see how it goes early this week. To be continued.


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