Weekly Update #17 To Japan!

I’m writing this while cruising along on Air Canada flight 001 with service from Toronto to Tokyo. We are cruising along at 30 000 feet on our way to Nagoya, Japan, site of Word Cup #3.

We are a few hours into the nearly 13 hour flight and I just had one of the cooler experiences I’ve had on an airplane. As I was doing a bit of work on one of the assignments from the class I’m taking, I threw up the on-board map to check out our flight path. As I looked at it I realized we were going to cut pretty close to the East Arm of Great Slave Lake and head a little north of Yellowknife. The lake looks like this in the summer…

 … and its one of my favourite places in the world. Figuring I could use a little break from sitting, I thought I’d check out the view. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I’m guessing the Lake isn’t quite frozen, there was substantial cloud cover over top of open water, blocking out views of Christie Bay, Etthen Island and the rest of the East Arm. I kept watching anyways, and after a few minutes, my eyes jumped onto a lake amidst all the others. I realized I had spotted Hidden Lake and that the Ingraham trail wouldn’t be far away. Sure enough, there it was and I got more and more excited as we passed by Prelude, River Lake and Prosperous and then the Yellowknife River. I also spotted Walsh Lake, where my family has a cabin. Pretty soon, Yellowknife came into view for a split second. It was very cool to be on the way to Japan from Toronto and pass right over the exact lakes and areas you grew up in. So if you saw a jet contrail going over the clear Yellowknife skies ay about 2:15pm on Saturday afternoon, you may been looking up at me looking down on you.

 Alright, on to the business stuff. World Cup #3 in Nagoya. We (Canada) have the same team traveling to this World Cup as we had at the first two world cups. The whole team has put in a solid month of training and I think everyone feels in good shape. Personally I had a good month as well, and I’m looking forward to getting back into racing. The distances that I will be skating are to be determined, but since this weekend sees the 1500m skated twice, I’m sure I’ll be skating one of the two.

 We’ve got about 8.5 hours to go on this flight, so its back to watching The Dark Kinght Rises for me, while I dream about fishing along the cliffs of Wildbread bay…


One response to “Weekly Update #17 To Japan!

  1. Good luck to you and everyone on the team! You are such an inspiration to myself and do many other speed skaters, especially ones from the NWT! I really hope you race fast and I know you will represent our country well! 😀

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