2011-12 season:

  • Final Canadian ranking: 3rd
  • Was scheduled to compete World Cup 5 in Moscow and 6 in Dordrecht, as well as the World Championship team in Shanghai, but he suffered a fractured shoulder in training.
  • Canadian Open Championship in Saguenay (Jan. 13-15), ranked third overall – third in the 1500m; second in the 3000m; ninth in the 1000m; and, 10th in the 500m.
  • World Cup Classification: 41st in the 500m (2 races); sixth in the 1000m (3 races); 19th in the 1500m (3 races).
  • World Cup 4 in Shanghai (Dec. 9-11), was fourth in the 1000m and 11th in the first 500m race, and took silver in the relay.
  • World Cup 3 in Nagoya (Dec. 2-4), won bronze in the second 1000m, ninth in the 1500m and eighth with the relay team.
  • World Cup 2 in Saguenay (Oct. 28-30), won silver in the 1000m. Won bronze with the relay team. Placed 21st in the 1500m.
  • World Cup 1 in Salt Lake City (Oct. 21-23), finished 17th (penalized) in the 500m and fifth in the first 1500m race. Won gold with the relay team.
  • Fall national team selection (Sept. 16-18), placed third for best two races and fourth in total points. Won gold and bronze in the 1500m. Also had a second place finish in the first 1000m race and also took the two-race total bronze medal.

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